Chef's Daily Features


Beef & Rice Noodle


Beautifully balanced, hearty and delicious



Fried Fish Cakes

w/spiced remoulade, fresh salsa, herbs

Golden little pieces of joy



 Baked Penne Bolognese

w/arugula, mozzarella, garlic toast

Rich, filling and baked to perfection



 Red Snapper

w/roasted beets, buttered beans, wilted greens, lemon

Light and flaky fish, a gorgeous flavour from the sea

Gluten Free



Rib Eye

w/truffled parmesan frites, brussels sprouts, mushroom,

gorgonzola crumble, steak sauce

Our hand-cut steaks are a joy to eat, even more so with a

glass of one of our amazing wines

Gluten Free



 Coconut Cream Pie

w/whipped cream, toasted coconut

A sweet classic that will end off your day with a smile