Chef's Daily Features

Beef & Potato Soup

w/fried parsley

Light broth, with some nice and hearty body

Gluten Free ~ Dairy Free



Raspberry Point Oyster’s

Prince Edward Island

w/fresh horseradish, mignonette, hot sauce, lemon

One of the most sought after oysters to come out of the

east coast, a little salty, clean flavour and sweet on the


Gluten Free ~ Dairy Free

$3 each ~ $32 dozen


Italian Sausage & Tomato Penne

w/rapini, chili, arugula, leek, grana padano

Some nice heat from the sausage but not overwhelming



Seared Arctic Char

w/chickpea succotash, grilled asparagus, lemon

Nice and fresh flavours coming from the succotash, which

is a medley of chickpeas, black beans, corn and an extra

sprinkle of love



Grilled Rib Eye

w/fried cheesy potato, vegetable medley, steak sauce

Our hand-cut steaks are a joy to eat, even more so with a

glass of one of our amazing wines

Gluten Free



Apple Tart Tatin

w/vanilla cream, cinnamon sugar

A warm caramelized apple tart, topped with vanilla cream

and a dusting of cinnamon sugar