Chef's Daily Features

Honey & Thyme Carrot Soup

w/crispy prosciutto, parsley

The prosciutto turns this into a delicious treat

Gluten Free ~ Dairy Free



Braised Meatballs

w/tomato, dusted onion, parmesan, garlic toast

Beautiful little snack or one of a few share plates



Garlic Shrimp & Sausage Penne

w/cream, baby spinach, fresh tomato, broccoli rabe, red

onion, goat cheese

The cream cuts right through the heat of the sausage to

balance things nicely



Rainbow Trout

w/green bean almondine, parsnip puree, roasted red pepper,

fresh basil

One of the most beautiful things to come from the great

lakes of Ontario

Gluten Free




w/loaded baked potato, vegetable medley, steak sauce

Grilled to your liking and served with an abundance of


Gluten Free